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香港音樂人協會 - 以香港音樂人、歌唱者、作曲人、填詞人、專業樂師及樂隊,團結及互助精神,為本土音樂人爭取更多權益,保障及協助尋求就業機會,並提高香港音樂素質,凝聚業內音樂人,發揮團體合作之功能,推動香港流行音樂教育的發展。

Music Alliance Hong Kong - Bringing in the concerted effort of musicians, singers, composers, lyricists, professional accompanists and bands, the Music Alliance Hong Kong (MAHK) aims to fight for the rights for workers in the local music industry, safeguard job opportunity, enhance the quality of Hong Kong music and further the development of local pop music education by uniting all workers in the field.

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